This short ebook is a chronicle of my life and my attempts to rediscover my creative side and become a published author whilst coping with chronic illness.
Mind Garden 1h 37min 2018 16+ In this documentary podcaster/writer and sufferer of social anxiety/agoraphobia, Drew Carson converses via the web with fellow sufferers of social anxiety to discover how the condition affects their lives and how they have learned to cope with the condition. The film was shot over a 3 month period without a crew and shot entirely on webcams and mobile devices. Director Drew Carson Starring Steve Hanisch, Blaine Kerr, Suz Seaton Genres Documentary, Special Interest Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages English

“Welcome to Orchid Grove, population 1,027. A town full of secrets, a town full of questions and a town where those questions don’t want answered.”

Orchid Grove is a mystery/horror radio drama series filled with dark humour, crude language along with a story that kept its audience hooked from episode one through episode six.

With an extensive cast including Tanja Milojevic, Dave Maresca, James McDonald, Todd TW Brown, Steve Hanisch, Stephanie Rose McDonnell, Ken K Lloyd, Gary Colcombe, Chris Braaten, Ashley Sanders, Blaine Kerr, Line Brunet, Lorna Kennedy, Samson Lancaster, James Lundy, Janra Roberts, CJ Haviland, Domenick Scolpini, Ari Cifuentes, Nathan Comstock, Rebecca Thomas, Notani Shah, Suz Seaton, Eric Bartsch, John Ovington, Michael Sosa, Zane Sexton, Paulina Logan, Eleiece Krawiec, Julie Halpern, Ethan Waldrep, Drew Carson and the legendary Thomas G Waites.

The series ran on over 50 radio stations worldwide to an audience of over 8.5million listeners. 

A SCI-FI retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol starring:
Deanna Cooney, Jacen Wiley,Cameron Miller, Mercedes Lewis, Jake Gallagher, Caleb Harrelson, Megan Forbes, Jack MacArthur, Megan Sticht, CJ Haviland, Lec Zorn & Dave Maresca

Featuring a stunning soundtrack by the legendary M.G. Evans, Josh Woodward & Audionautix. To discover more about these great artists visit the links provided.