Major Production Announcement

I am thrilled to announce today the first production coming out of the Drew Carson Writes studio. We will be heading back to the Orchid Grove universe for a feature length audio drama follow-up to the landmark hit audio series. Where did Kara Shaw, Dale South and Connie Martins end up? Will Kara ever discover the identity of her father’s killer? Will they all make it back to the town alive? You will have to tune in to find out. This production will feature a tremendous score by the incredible Talents that are Ross Bugden and Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio Plus a full-cast filled with immensely talented actors.

In these uncertain times for the creative industries, with the UK government cutting funding to the arts community; theatres, Cinema chains, film productions and tv series closing down with no word on if they will ever restart we want to both do our part to help out our brothers and sisters in arts and to entertain the listeners. That is why we will not only have this special air free on our feed, YouTube and elsewhere but we will offer a paid download option with revenue collected and donated to The Film & TV Charity to help artists in need.

The Film and TV Charity works behind the scenes of the UK film, TV and cinema industry. They offer a wide range of financial, practical and emotional support to people who have talent, spark and dedication who face unforeseen obstacles in their path.

Keep checking back here for further updates, production diary posts, casting news etc and please check out season 1 of Orchid Grove over at the official Drew Carson Writes audio feed here.

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  1. Hey Drew that is so awesome! Really proud of you and all of the cast! Hoping Notani feels up to it by the time everything is running! Break a leg as usual, this will be exceptional!

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