Merry F***ing Christmas Production Diary 1

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Look at that happy face. That’s the face of a man putting in 12 hour editing sessions.

Yes ladies and germs we are officially 4 days into the editing phase of the production so let me bring you all up to date on the process so far.

I cast the show back in early October and the cast of crazy talented, and just plain crazy, actors led by the legendary Mick Strawn got to work from October 20th crafting chicken salad out of the chicken shit sandwich I sent their way.

With the performances all recorded and sent from the 4 corners of the Earth by the 8th of November I began the editing process this past Monday (15th). 

With a cast featuring many of the regular DCS performers such as Rebecka Ray, Steve Hanisch, Dave Maresca, Blaine Kerr, Domenick Scolpini and Lec Zorn plus the returning Amanda Alderson, TJ Bowser & Shawn Fear Innes who have all performed in 1 or 2 past shows and the newbie Danielle Innes (hopefully will become a regular) this show is looking to be one of the best yet!

Which brings us back to the editing process. Its only really me that can fuck it up from here. The post production crew consists of me, myself and aye yours truly. 

So far things are progressing really well. We definitely upped the humour in this one although it is still in the horror realm for sure. 

Well that’s enough chit chat for now. I have another few scenes to do before I can think about taking a break. 

You can all listen in on the 22nd of December by searching Drew Carson Writes on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Audible or on the podcast feed in the sidebar of the home page. 

Back to the audio trenches I go. Wish me luck!