Next Production From The Drew Carson Writes Studio

After the success of Orchid Grove: Asylum (185k+ listeners/downloads), Orchid Grove: Standing Ground (110k+ listeners/ downloads) and The Thompson Tapes (90k+ listeners/ downloads) in 2021 so far, The Drew Carson Writes Studio is currently in development on a new festive horror-comedy audiodrama entitled Merry F##king Christmas.

Writer/producer Drew Carson is attached to the project as always and hopes to have the show premiere on all platforms by Christmas week 2021.

The project is loosely based on a short story of the same name by Carson and the story revolves around a group of 40 year olds, who discover they’re time has come and they must match wits and weapons with Santa Claus. Merry F###ing Christmas exists in a world where you have until your 40th birthday to make right the wrongs that put you on the naughty list as a child or a psychotic Santa will kill you and leave you wrapped up under the Christmas tree as a stark warning for others.

“I’m hoping to reunite some of the wonderful cast from Orchid Grove, Thompson tapes and Port Christmas for this dark and twisted grown-up festive story. If you like dark humour, blood and guts mixed with carol singing this is going to be the show for you.” ~Drew Carson

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