Production Diary 2

It’s been a while but I thought I’d bring you guys up to speed on Orchid Grove: Asylum’s progress. The script is complete and has been sent out to the original cast members who are returning this time around. Thankfully they all agreed to come back and continue this insane wee story.


The incredible Tanja Milojevic is returning as our lead character Kara Shaw, I can’t imagine anyone else could bring that role to life in the same fashion as Tanja so I was thrilled when she said she would love to return, especially as she is in high demand in the industry. Other incredible cast members returning are Dave Maresca as Dale South, Steve Hanisch as Jessup, Blaine Kerr as Munroe, Chris Braaten as Thompson, Suz Seaton as Jean, CJ Haviland as Hunter Murphy, Domenick Scolpini as Ned, Samson Lancaster as Bryant, Ken K. Lloyd as Jack and Janra Roberts as Chief Fleet.

New cast members:

Joining us so far for this feature length sequel are two Port Christmas Allumni in the form of the insanely talented Mercedes Lewis and the great Jake Gallagher.

Mercedes has a wealth of experience in the industry from recording commercials for Cadbury, Anchor.FM and Fabreeze to roles in Port Christmas, Wolfe Brothers Saga, Shadow Quest and Eternal Fate. She will be bringing a character to life called Holly Drift and I can tell already she will be an instant fan favourite for this show.

Jake has appeared in Tangent City and Port Christmas as well as being a professional Mixed Martial Artist. He possesses a larger than life voice and will be bringing to life a mysterious character that will have major implications for the show, trust me when I say this character will leave a huge impression on the Orchid Grove landscape and you will all love this addition to the show.

Other casting announcements will be coming in the next couple of weeks including, fingers crossed a celebrity cameo, and I will start to share some more key details about the show as we go along.

So a short and sweet post this time around but hopefully it wont be as long between posts going forward.

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