Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

This one is for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. I think keeping your eye in or ear open, if you prefer, to writing stories that may be outside your comfort zone or preference.
Take a prompt from this list and create a story around it, be it a short story or a short screenplay and share both the story and the story of the creative journey behind the story and how it formed. Were there struggles to find the route of the story, or to ground your characters? Let us all know how it went.
Prompt 1

  • Each week day morning for 10 years, X waited for the bus at the same bus stop a few miles out of his/her way so he/she could see Q. This morning Q wasn’t there leading to…

Prompt 2

  • A writer with writer’s block has a fast approaching deadline, emphasis on deadline.

Prompt 3

  • For a first date, a funeral was definitely one of the weirdest.

Prompt 4

  • They want payment to stay quiet, their claim: to know a secret that will cancel you!Can you discover what the secret is and put and end to their plan before it’s too late?

Prompt 5

  • 20 year high school reunion, that guy/girl you always liked is there alone, your bully is there and doesn’t remember bullying you. That fool ruined your life now pretends he didn’t. Do you make your move on the girl/guy of your dreams or destroy the bully and reclaim your lost youth?

Prompt 6

  • Time travel seemed like fun until you screwed up the timeline making X disappear.

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